knockdown control and crop safety matrix


With a wide range of new pre-emergent knockdown chemistry coming through the lines it is important that growers get a grasp of what these may do for their system and how they can be used in different crops/scenarios. Through a matrix style trial we the different chemistries will be on display across a range of different crops and show the usefulness of new brews in providing knockdown control whilst also demonstrating crop safety and potential crop effect. These treatments will be applied 2 weeks prior to the spring field day to show the effect of each knockdown as application prior to sowing will not provide visual effect come spring field walk. ADAMA will also be carrying out a range of treatments to demonstrate use patterns of new chemistries that have been released recently by themselves to demonstrate the usefulness of these in field.

Trial Partner

Elders and ADAMA

Proposed Trial Site Design and Treatments

Table 1. Outline of proposed treatments at each site.


Table 2. Site layout and treatment location for each site in this project. Include a preferred north point if known.

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