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Pre-emergent and epe control of annual ryegrass in wheat


Annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) is one of the most serious and costly weeds of annual winter
cropping systems in southern Australia. The use of herbicides is an important tool as part of an
integrated weed management strategy to control annual ryegrass in these systems.
Pre-emergent herbicides have become the mainstay of annual ryegrass control in wheat in Australia
due to their performance and ease of logistics, however we are starting to see early post emergent
options for reliable annual ryegrass control for the first time since weed populations became resistant
to Group A and B modes of action. The improved level of weed control in the furrow and on the furrow
wall, combined with the control of broadleaf weeds at the same time offers an opportunity for
growers to drive weed numbers down further.
Bayer Crop Science is due to release the herbicide Mateno Complete to the market for the 2022
growing season, and this trial will give Liebe members the opportunity to see it in the field prior to

Trial Partner


Proposed Trial Site Design and Treatments

Table 1. Outline of proposed treatments at each site.


Trial will be triple banked with three replicates.

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