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supporting the adoption of innovative and sustainable soil management through an online peer learning network

Commencement date

July 2019

Completion date

July 2021


This project has two main objectives:

  1. To build the capacity and confidence of young farmers to trial, implement and share best practice soil management;

  2. To develop and evaluate a modern peer learning framework which supports the adoption of best practice soil management through increased engagement, awareness and discussion.

Funding Provider

National Landcare Program, Small Grants Round 2

Project lead organisation

Liebe Group


Project background

This project will develop the capacity of young farmers (less than 10 years’ experience) in the Northern Agricultural Region of Western Australia and provide them with the skills and confidence to trial and share best practice methods for increased soil productivity in their farming businesses. The project will monitor and evaluate ten paddock scale demonstrations with ten young farmers and provide them with the skills to evaluate and share innovative approaches to soil management.

A modern peer learning framework will be developed to enable increased farmer to farmer learning. The facilitation of an online peer network will provide a trusted environment for farmers to share experiences and access in-season decision making support through discussion and engagement with peers. Findings and in-season analysis from the demonstration sites will be shared in real-time via this network and video case studies will be developed with each of the ten farmers to share their experiences with the broader farming community.

Results and Reports


  • Blair Stone, Marchagee

  • Casey Shaw, Buntine

  • Shaun Fitzsimons, East Buntine

  • Dylan Hirsch, Latham

  • Todd Carter, Xantippe

2021 Gen Y Participant Case Study Videos


  • Blair Stone, Marchagee: Tactical Employment of Fallow and Utilising Fertiliser Strategies to Optimise Rotation Performance on Heavy soils

Click here for the 2020 season project report.

  • Casey Shaw, Buntine: Compost to Alleviate Saline, Non-Wetting Soils

​Click here for the 2020 season project report.

  • Brendon Manuel, Marchagee: Optimising Tillering, Grain Fill and Yield Through Deep Ripping

​Click here for the 2020 season project report.

  • Dylan Hirsch, Latham: Comparing the Efficacy of Pre Seeding Deep Ripping and Early Post Emergent Deep Ripping

​Click here for the 2020 season project report.

  • Charles Wass, Coorow: Increasing Pasture Production Through Amelioration on Sandy Soils in the Coorow Area

​Click here for the 2020 season project report.

2020 Gen Y Participant Case Study Videos