grants for women program

Commencement date

June 2013

Completion date

September 2013


This project aimed to provide a structured networking opportunity for women in the industry to support, improve, and consolidate their business, financial, and agricultural acumen to give them confidence in the future.

Funding Provider

Australian Government Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC), and Cooperative Bulk Handling (CBH)

Project lead organisation


Liebe Group, DLGC, CBH, Influential Women, Catherine Marriott, and community members

Project background

This project will support women in Agriculture to increase their capacity to build a sustainable future for their family, farm business, and the agricultural industry.


The project aims to support women by:

  • Developing skills and knowledge base;

  • Increasing awareness of resources available to women and networks within the industry;

  • Increasing confidence, and;

  • Empowering, inspiring and motivating.


To achieve these aims, the project will support two events - a Women's Field Day, and a communication workshop.


The field day will be a full day forum for women, with the attendees being educated in areas of farm agronomy; environmental issues; global influences on their industry; business management; grain marketing; office competencies; financial management; community sustainability, and; health issues. The project will encourage attendees to apply their learning’s to their business and community.


The follow up full day workshop will focus on communication skills, including shared values communication, engaging with your audience, public speaking, and social media. This workshop will be run by communication specialists Influential Women, which is led by Catherine Marriott, recipient of the RIRDC 2012 Rural Women's Award.

Results and Reports

This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Local Government and Communities, and Cooperative Bulk Handling.

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