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innovative amelioration and water management strategies in the wa wheatbelt region

Commencement date

June 2014

Completion date

February 2016


Evaluate soil amelioration techniques to improve moisture retention through the installation of moisture probes.

Funding Provider

Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management

Project lead organisation

Liebe Group


Project background

The primary outcome of this trial is to investigate which soul renovation technique proves to help the most with water conservation. The project will explore the potential role of biotechnology in helping Western Australian cropping and pastoral industries meet the challenges of climate change, and help farmers adapt their farm management systems to meet the predictable impacts of climate change. 

The data from the moisture probes will be used to educate growers on which amelioration techniques to implement for improved soil water retention. 

The project will demonstrate the differences in soil amelioration practices and monitor the impact these have on:

  • Water holding capacity

  • Water infiltration

This project is funded through the Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management.

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