The 2020 Liebe Group Main Trial Site is this year being hosted at the Hirsch property in the Latham region, located on Reid Road.

Trials hosted at the Liebe Group Trial Site will become available online in March 2020.


The Trial Site will be viewed at the Liebe Group Post Seeding Field Walk on Wednesday 22nd July and the Spring Field Day on Thursday 10th September.

The Liebe Group are currently taking expressions of interest for the 2021 and 2022 Main Trial Sites, if you are interested in being a part of this opportunity please contact the Liebe Office.

Results from all the trials being conducted across the Liebe Region will be published in the annual R&D book at the beginning of 2021. For more information, contact the Liebe Group office on (08) 9661 1907.

Main Trial Site - Trial Program 2020

To be confirmed

Living Farm

2020 Vetch Breeding Trials, Liebe Group 

National Vetch Breeding Program

Comparison of Group G spikes applied with Glyphosate


Ultro 900WG: A new herbicide for grass control in grain legumes


Demonstration of the Efficiacy and Host Crop Safety of Various Prosulfocarb Strategies for ARG Control in Cereals

Imtrade Australia

Overwatch: Crop Safety, Efficacy and Yield in Wheat


Lupin Row Spacing by Herbicide Rates to Address Scorching

Hirsch (Grower Run Demonstration)

Broadleaf Herbicide Demo in Lupins

Syngenta & Elders

Comparing seed treatments in barley for the control of loose smut


The Gen Y Challenge: Supporting the adoption of innovative and sustainable soil management through an online peer learning network

National Landcare Program (Liebe Group Project)

Amelioration of subsoil aluminium toxicity for improved productivity in the Northern Agricultural Region of WA

National Landcare program (Liebe Group Project)

Plant population x Nitrogen strategy trial

Nutrien Ag Solutions

Increasing the Profitability of the Double Break Rotation in the MRZ or WA Wheatbelt through Incorporation of an early sown high value pulse

GRDC (West Midlands Group led Project)

DKP Trial


Loose Compost Demonstration

Carbon Ag

C33 plus in furrow and in crop foliar liquid farming systems trial

Carbon Ag

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