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New technologies

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This project aims to benchmark current technology adoption levels in the Liebe region and promote the integration of new technology in farming systems for economic benefit.

Funding Provider

Grains Research and Development Council (GRDC)

Project lead organisation


Liebe Group, GRDC, and local growers

Project background

Incorporation of emerging technologies is assisting growers with building more efficient, reliable, and smooth operating farming systems. The Liebe group will identify and benchmark the current levels of technology adoption within the Liebe region, highlight farming system issues, and identify growers who are at differing levels of technology adoption. This will be completed through a survey of over 50 local growers and assessed to consider the true adoption rate over time.

Case studies will be produced in relation to the principles behind implementing changed practices. The impact on the whole farm system (production, financial, environmental, and social) will be considered as these aspects all influence the adoption of new technology. These will explore the specific economics of the new technology integration, with information also including components of influence in their decision-making processes, and the resultant pros and cons observed after implementation.

Further economic modelling will be conducted by the Liebe Group support team for growers considering implementing new technologies. There will be investigation into the potential of biological and organic matter inputs to increase soil water storage, target long-term yield increase, and continuing soil improvements.

Results and Reports

This project was funded by the Grains Research and Development Council.

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