The 2017-2022 Strategic Plan was endorsed by the Liebe Group Management Committee in August 2017. It was developed in February 2017 by the members, with the assistance of Sue Middleton, independent consultant, and reviews and builds on the previous strategic plan. Strategic planning has always been a strong focus for the Liebe Group since the group’s inception in 1997 and has become part of the group’s progression and success over the years. This fifth strategic planning exercise comes at a time when the group celebrates 20 years of operation and is looking to the future, and to new challenges and opportunities that will arise in the agricultural sector. The strategic plan will assist the group in achieving its vision of farming communities and family businesses that are vibrant, innovative and prosperous.

During the plan review process members were asked to describe what the agricultural environment may look like in 5-10 years time. They described the future as having the following characteristics:

  • Farming businesses that are more complex, therefore greater efficiencies required to manage them

  • Digital agriculture and new technologies becoming available at an ever-increasing pace

  • Livestock systems declining within farming systems in the region

  • Business management requirements have increased, and farmers are more time poor

  • Changes to the funding environment – decrease in public funding, potential decrease in overall R&D funding

  • Food is highly valued and as a result, quality and accountability pressures are high

  • Continued decline and more diverse rural populations

  • Information is readily available and comes in many different forms and from many different sources

  • Social media has a key source of information and norm setting has grown

The acknowledgement of these environmental factors, along with a strong group vision, provide the drive for the group for the next five years. This strategic plan really defines what the Liebe Group is about, how we operate, and how we support our members.

Our strategy will be reinforced by continual improvement and evaluation of impact and success, and will continue to provide the guidance to staff in operations and planning.


The Liebe Group is a dynamic, grower-driven, not for profit organisation that operates within the Dalwallinu, Coorow, Perenjori and Wongan-Ballidu Shires in the West Australian Wheatbelt. As a leading ‘grass roots’ group, the Liebe Group provides its members with access to innovative, timely and relevant research along with grower and industry network opportunities from all over Australia. The group is a valued information broker for Liebe members and industry.

The Liebe Group ensures regular consultation with members and industry to guarantee the group remains relevant. Liebe is governed by a central Management Committee which is informed by a range of operational sub-committees which are comprised of local growers and Industry partners.

The group conducts valuable research, development and extension through trials, demonstrations and workshops, and provides information to over 100 farming businesses in the local region, encompassing a land area of over 1,000,000ha.


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