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January 2019

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Establish optimal sowing rate and row spacing for Tedera establishment in low rainfall areas.

Funding Provider

Nutrien Ag Solutions

Project lead organisation

Liebe Group


Project background

In traditional wheat belt broad acre mixed farming systems there is often a summer feed gap where there is no grazing available to livestock. Over the past decade DPIRD has been researching Tedera as a potential pasture crop to help bridge this summer feed gap in lower rainfall zones.

Tedera is a summer active pasture and is valuable as a high quality summer feed that retains its leaf. It has also shown to be drought resistant which makes it especially suited to use in low rainfall production systems.

As such this aims to run a number of trials to establish a set of guidelines outlining optimal sowing rates, and row spacing so producers can incorporate Tedera into their production systems.

This will be supplemented by another trial run by group in Three Springs that will also be implementing different seeding depths.

Results and Reports

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