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wheat variety depth of sowing

Key Points

  • RAC2721 is an elite wheat line from AGT, with a longer coleoptile than its parent Scepter

  • Sowing depth had the most significant effect on establishment

  • Establishment of all varieties were equally penalised by sowing depth

  • RAC2721 is the highest yielding line when sown at traditional sowing depths

  • Further investigation into how longer coleoptile varieties fit into the farming system is needed


Measure the impact of deep sowing on establishment, yield and grain quality of longer coleoptile wheat line RAC2721 when compared to Magenta and Scepter.


The maximum coleoptile length of a wheat variety is a limiting factor in how deep you can plant that variety. In most cases, sowing depth is shallow enough to allow all commonly grown varieties to establish well. However, there are some instances where deeper sowing may be warranted: when there is a chance of furrow fill by wind or rain, when chasing receding moisture profiles, or when trying to achieve adequate pre-emergent herbicide separation. Shorter coleoptile varieties may not be as well suited to these situations as longer coleoptile varieties are, and Magenta is a good example of a variety with a longer coleoptile that has been used by WA growers to manage such situations.


AGT have developed the line RAC2721 as an elite yielding Scepter replacement, which is agronomically very similar to Scepter, but importantly, has a longer coleoptile, similar to Magenta (Figure 1). 

Trial Partner


Figure 1. Coleoptile length of RAC2721 versus comparator varieties (AGT controlled environment test, average of 7 experiments).


This trial has been developed to determine if the longer coleoptile of RAC2721 provides benefit to growers over shorter coleoptile varieties when sown at depth. Three sowing depths have been chosen (‘standard’, ‘moderate’, ‘deep’, with RAC2721’s performance tested relative to two coleoptile length varieties (‘shorter’ Scepter, and ‘longer’ Magenta).


Trial Layout



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