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Liebe Group Partners are an integral facet of the success of the group. Since our inception the group has developed long and valuable relationships with organisations who have mutual interests to the Liebe Group. These strong partnerships have given the group diversity, a level of security and the capacity to build a sustainable and healthy future.


These partnering organisations are high profile agribusinesses with a keen interest in the healthy future of agriculture. They see the relationship with the group as a meaningful way to stay in close contact with the grass roots innovators of the industry and a way to invest resources into a group which is focusing on research and development for future agricultural sustainability.


Our partners add value to the group though in-kind support, products or services depending on the partnering organisations’ core business. Many invest generous sums of money which assists the group to maintain the administration, conduct trials and communicate the data to the wider agricultural community. The Liebe Group members are encouraged and supported to build strong and direct relationships with our partners which adds significant value to the partners investment. Each partnership is ‘tailored’ to ensure the best value for both the partner organisation and the group.


The Liebe Group is nationally recognised for being a proactive group of innovators and is constantly sought for its agricultural opinions and ideas.


If you would like further information about the development of partnerships please contact Chris O'Callaghan on 9661 1907 or email

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