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The Liebe Group is a dynamic, grower-driven, not for profit organisation that operates within the Dalwallinu, Coorow, Perenjori and Wongan-Ballidu Shires in the West Australian Wheatbelt. As a leading ‘grass roots’ group, the Liebe Group provides its members with access to innovative, timely and relevant research along with grower and industry network opportunities from all over Australia.

The Liebe Group was established by progressive local farmers in 1997 due to concern of the local area being isolated from existing agricultural research and development. The group was founded to ensure research and development remained local, innovative and relevant to a whole farm systems approach to agriculture.

The group conducts valuable research, development and extension through trials, demonstrations and workshops, and provides information to over 100 farming businesses in the local region, encompassing a land area of over 1,000,000ha.


our mission

our core business

The Liebe Group strives to be on the forefront of member’s needs, driven by three core business objectives:

  1. Conduct agricultural research, development, validation and implementation;

  2. Provide information, education, skills and training opportunities to members and wider community; and,

  3. Strengthen communication between growers, industry and whole community.

To be a progressive group, working together to improve rural profitability, lifestyle and natural resources

what we do


The Liebe Group  undertake projects with the aim of conducting research that addresses on local concerns and issues, and is driven by the priorities of the members. They aim to investigate the long term implications of new and current farming systems, on the triple bottom line.

Farmer Demonstrations and case studies

The Liebe Group conduct on-farm demonstrations in collaboration with local growers to capture the wealth of on-ground research in the region. Case studies are used to extend the use of new technology and management practices to the wider farming community.

Field Trials

Trials are conducted annually on the Main Trial Site and satellite sites to investigate solutions to local constraints in production.


The Liebe Group hosts several annual events including the Spring Field Day, Trials Review Day, Crop Updates, Post Seeding Field Walk, Women’s Field Day, Annual Dinner and Member Christmas Party. There are also many subsidiary activities such as workshops, training days, field walks and meetings to assist with capacity building and extension of relevant information to members and the local community.

how we work

The Liebe Group ensures regular consultation with members and industry to guarantee the group remains relevant. Liebe is governed by a central Management Committee which is informed by a range of operational sub-committees which are comprised of local growers and Industry partners. Methods of consultation with members and the wider community include an annual review of the strategic plan, member surveys, farmer visits and event evaluations. The Liebe Group Strategic Plan drives the direction and operation of the group and is reviewed and revised every 5 years. The Liebe Group Strategic Plan for 2017-2022 is now available to view.

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