Past Projects

The Liebe Group has conducted many trials and projects since its inception in 1997 which continue to provide valuable information to our growers.


A selection of these projects can be found below:  

farm systems management

Practice for Profit: 

Understanding the Implications of Rotations in the Low Rainfall Zone 

2011 - 2019   |   LIEBE GROUP

Innovative Carbon Storage and Nitrogen Management Strategies in the WA Wheatbelt


Overcoming Wind Erosion

2014 - 2014   |  GRCA

Benefits of Foliar Micronutrients on Cereals in a Low Rainfall Zone Environment

2018 - 2020   |   GRDC

Best-Bet Management of Ameliorated Non-Wetting Soils for the Geraldton Port Zone (GPZ)

2016 - 2018   |   GRDC

Improved Stubble & Soil Management Practices for Sustainable Farming Systems in the Liebe Region

2009 - 2012  |   GRDC

Innovative Amelioration and Water Management Strategies in the Wheatbelt Region

2014 - 2016   |   WHEATBELT NRM

Viable Pasture and Cropping  Agronomic Packages for Mildly or Periodically Saline Land


Subsoil Constraints: Understanding and Management

2015 - 2019   |   GRDC & CSIRO

Ord River Irrigation Area Growers Tour, Kununurra,  Western Australia

2016   |   GRDC

Tedera & Lebeckia: Perennial Legume Pastures to Transform the Sandplain

2016 - 2017   |   NACC

Gundawa Project

2015 - 2016   |   LIEBE GROUP & NACC

Profitable Crop Sequencing in WA

2010 - 2015   |   DPIRD

Simple Identification of  On-Farm Lime Sources

2018 - 2019   |   GRDC

Innovative Farming System Methodologies and Technologies Growers Tour, Esperance, Western Australia

2017   |   GRDC


You Don't Need Wings to Fly!

Seasonal Risk Management

Dalwallinu District High School Partnership

Innovation Generation Young Farmers Tour 2014

Water Use Efficiency

Understanding the People Around You

Liebe Group Agricultural Research and Education Facility

women in agriculture

Grants for Women Program

2013 - 2015   |   WA GOVERNMENT


Controlled Traffic Farming

2012 - 2013   |   CARING FOR OUR COUNTRY

New Technologies

2006 - 2009   |   GRDC 

Downhill Tramline Farming

2005 - 2008   |   NLP

Precision Agriculture

2007 - 2008   |   NLP


Grain and Graze

2005 - 2008   |   MLA, GRDC, AWI & LWA

long term research site

Long Term Research Site Information

2003 - 2015  |   

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