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The Liebe Group is governed by a central management committee consisting of 9 local growers from the Dalwallinu, Coorow, Wongan-Ballidu and Perenjori shires. The committee meets on a monthly basis with exception of seeding and harvest times to discuss the strategic direction and management of the Group. The Liebe Group sub-committees operate on a more operational level and provide the management committee with researched recommendations.


The members of the Management Committee are:

  • Blayn Carlshausen (President)

  • Alex Keamy (Vice President)

  • Sophie Carlshausen (Treasurer)

  • Katrina Venticinque (Secretary)

  • Mike Dodd

  • Emma Sands

  • Ross Fitzsimons

  • Boyd Carter

  • Brad McIlroy

  • Geln Carlshausen


The Finance Committee oversee and review the Liebe Group budget and finances. They provide the treasurer with support and bring mixed skills to the Group in order for the finances to be managed efficiently and effectively.


The members of the Finance Committee are:

  • Geln Carlshausen (Finance Chairperson)

  • Blayn Carlshausen

  • Sophie Carlshausen

  • Mike Dodd

  • Ross Fitzsimons

  • Georgina Day

employment advisory committee

The Employment Advisory Committee appoints, appraises and provides guidance to the Executive Officer in regards to the Human Resources in the group. This committee meets at least once per year.

The members of the EAC are:

  • Blayn Carlshausen

  • Emma Sands

  • Brad McIlroy

  • Alex Keamy

  • Ross Fitzsimons

  • Katrina Venticinque 


The research and development (R&D) committee seek, bring forward and discuss the research and validation opportunities available to the Group and then prioritise and determine the research program the Group should undertake. This includes the trial programs for the Main Trial Site (MTS), Satellite trials and farmer demonstrations as well as funding ideas. The committee meets 3-4 times a year and provides valuable support for the R&D Coordinator.


The members of the R&D Committee are:

  • Stephen Sawyer (R&D Chairperson)

  • Gavin Carter

  • Todd Carter

  • Daniel Birch

  • Carris Waite

  • Boyd Carter

  • Dylan Hirsch

  • Clare Antonio

  • Angus McAlpine

  • Michael Macpherson

  • Rob Nankivell

  • Ty Henning

  • Peter Borstel

  • Lois Kowald

women's committee

The Women’s Committee hosts an annual Women’s Field Day aimed at ‘Building the management capacity of women to make a difference to their family, farm business and the agriculture industry.’ The event has built a sturdy reputation over the years and is now recognised as one of the premier women’s events in the state. The field day attracts over 150 women to Dalwallinu, from far and wide on an annual basis. The committee also instigates specific business management courses to be run by the Liebe Group. An example of these include: financial management course, community capacity building, succession planning and more.


The members for the Women’s committee are:

  • Jen Birch (Women's Chairperson)

  • Lois Kolwald

  • Jane Hyde

  • Kirsty Carter

  • Kelly Carter

  • Leanne Sawyer

  • Tracey McAlpine

  • Georgina Day

  • Rebecca McGregor

  • Heather Knowles

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