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CHICKPEA National Variety Trial

Key Messages

  • In 2020 the top yielding released varieties in the NVT in Dalwallinu were CBA Captain, PBA Striker, Neelam, PBA Maiden and PBA Slasher (0.85 t/ha average for the top 5 varieties) with 0.12 t/ha difference between the first & the fifth variety.

  • Season 2021 in the region started with rainfall events in February and March which provided some subsoil moisture, above average rainfall for July has set the trial up for good yields.


The aim of the National Variety Trials (NVT) is to generate independent information for growers and industry about newly released varieties of field crops to the current commercial varieties grown in the area.


The NVT program has been designed to identify the highest yielding varieties, free from the constraints of nutrition and disease. As a result, the nutrition and crop protection packages applied to NVT trials are typically higher than may be applied by the average grower. Management is the same for all plots with no differences in timing for crop protection or nutrition

All trials have 3 replicates of each variety and all plots are sown (and subsequently harvested) on the same day. Timing of sowing is dependent upon the season, but is typically done within an average district “best practice” window and located on a typical soil type for the area.



Variety Descriptions

For variety descriptions and information see the 2021 WA Crop Sowing Guide at https://grdc.com.au/2021-western-australian-crop-sowing-guide 


Variety released in 2020


CBA Captain is a desi chickpea with medium seed size and broad adaptation to all desi chickpea-growing areas. It has an erect plant type with good plant height and height to lowest pod. It is early to mid-flowering across Australian chickpea-growing environments with early to mid-maturity. CBA Captain provides a competitive desi option with an erect plant type for western regions. CBA Captain has good grain quality similar to PBA HatTrick and it meets the requirements of a Jimbour-type suitable for the subcontinent market.



The trial was sown on the 20th May into moisture and has had good germination and seasonal growth so far.


For results of all NVT trials please visit the National Variety Trials online www.nvtonline.com.au



Thanks to property owner Mathew Hyde and the Liebe Group for providing the site to Living Farm for the trial. Participating companies, GRDC and the NVT program coordinators.

Name: Pip Payne - NVT Co-ordinator
Phone: 0439 771 194
Email: pip@livingfarm.com.au

Name: Richard Devlin - Managing Director
Phone: 0400 123 596
Email: richard@livingfarm.com.au

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