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herbicide x species matrix demonstration

Key Points

  • The demonstration is to highlight a range of pre-sowing, early post- em and knockdowns across a range of crop species.

  • At the time of the early-season field walk, late applications had not yet been made.

  • The site is mainly annual ryegrass with minimal broadleaf weeds.

  • No data was available at the time of writing the article but there are good visual responses from the pre-sowing treatment.


This demonstration is designed to showcase the effects of several different herbicide treatments across a range of crop types, including crop safety if selective herbicides are applied on non-target crop species.


This demonstration is non-replicated but should provide a very interactive experience and open discussion of the options available to growers. It is an interesting demonstration of the possible effects of non-target use of herbicides.

Trial Partner

Elders and ADAMA


Trial Layout


The trial is not replicated but consists of 8 different species which were cross plotted with 10 pre-sowing treatments, 9 early post sowing treatments and 13 late spray treatments which will be available for viewing at the Spring Field Day.


Seeding and pre-sowing spraying were carried out on 20/05/21.


Early post-em treatments were applied on Friday 2/7/21 under ideal spraying conditions.


Crop growth stages at application were as follows:

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