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2021 marked a success for Liebe Group

As the Liebe Group team start winding down for the holiday break, local growers are continuing the hard slog across their paddocks in what is turning out to be a long and demanding harvest season. With 454mm of rain this year in Dalwallinu, 2021 has seen record deliveries to CBH sites and grain prices at an all-time high.

Despite contending with unusual seasonal conditions the Liebe Group Main Trial Site, which focuses timely and relevant research annually on one member’s property, was a great success thanks to Matt and the Hyde family. Twenty-one trials and demonstrations were included in the 2021 site which will be showcased in the upcoming Local R&D Results Book.

Liebe Group staff have worked tirelessly to deliver 27 events throughout the year, to assist local growers in their farm business sustainability, building their understanding of new technologies, chemistries and other advancements in agriculture.

The annual Spring Field Day in September attracted 186 growers, industry and researchers through the gates while the ongoing AgChats Series had a total of 81 participants to five targeted workshops.

The group was successful in securing new funding for projects including investigation into various stubble heights with the strip and disc system for WA farming systems; dryland salinity in the Moore Catchment; increasing the resilience of regional women to respond to drought (three day agricultural study tour) and optimising soil testing investments to understand soil health in the region. Liebe will also be partnering with other research and industry organisation on various other projects that will deliver activities in the northern agricultural region in the coming years.

This harvest has also seen several small but timely projects underway, working directly with our members to measure harvest losses, investigate falling numbers and supporting members to harvest demonstrations they implemented during the year.

Partnerships continue to develop for the group, with two new organisations coming on board in 2021 to support the future of local farming businesses including McIntosh & Son (Moora and Wongan Hills), and Country Wide Insurance Brokers. These organisations along with the valued Diamond, Gold and Silver Partners are an integral aspect to the success of the group.

Plans are now underway for the 2022 trial and demonstration program, with the Main Trial Site to be held at Terry, Andrea and Sam Reynolds’ property in North Miling. The Liebe Group will be continuing a trial into its second year that is looking at the Opportunity Cost of Herbicide Residues and Resistant Varieties across Wheat, Canola, Barley and Lupins. Watch out for upcoming announcements for other research that will be showcased on the site.

The Liebe Group is a progressive grower-driven group, working to facilitate research, development and extension to support members to be profitable and sustainable in the Northern Agricultural Region of WA.

The group would like to thank all partners, members, staff and supporters who have supported the group’s success in 2021, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

Merry Christmas!


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