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Country Wide Insurance Brokers - A Gold Partner for the Liebe Group

The Liebe Group are pleased to welcome a new partner to the group in

October with Country Wide Insurance Brokers coming on board as a Gold


Liebe Group partners are an integral facet of the success of the group and

since our inception we have developed long and valuable relationships

with a number of organisations who have mutual interests to the Liebe

Group. These strong partnerships have given the group diversity, a level

of security and the capacity to build a sustainable and healthy future.

Country Wide Insurance Brokers (CWIB) is one of the leading insurance

service providers to the Wheatbelt region of WA. Their purpose is to provide

protection and certainty, and they achieve this by maintaining an acute

understanding of current and emerging risks associated with farming

enterprises and providing responsive and reliable advice.

The key difference in Country Wide Insurance Brokers offering is their

experience and local knowledge.

Paul Wilkes CWIB’s MD explains that for over 30 years, our network of regional

advisors has meant we’ve been able to really understand the communities

in which we work. After all, we live there. We know agribusiness is one of the

most challenging industries, and one of the most rewarding. By visiting with

each client regularly to assess their needs and risks, we able to assist our

them in the effective management of risk.

CWIB’s offerings are broad and include; Insurance Broking Services; Claims

Handling and Advocacy; Injury Prevention and Management; Contract

Reviews, Life and Income Protection; and Premium Funding Services.

Our partners add value to the group through in-kind support, products or

services and they see the relationship with the group as a meaningful way to

stay in close contact with the grass roots innovators of the industry. We look

forward to building an on-going relationship with our latest Gold Partner

and thank them for their support towards the Liebe Group.


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