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Pacific Seeds - Returning Silver Partner for The Liebe Group

The Liebe Group are pleased to welcome a new Silver Partner to the group Pacific Seeds.

Liebe Group partners are an integral facet of the success of the group and since our inception we have developed long and valuable relationships with a number of organisations who have mutual interests to the Liebe Group.

These strong partnerships have given the group diversity, a level of security and the capacity to build a sustainable and healthy future. Pacific Seeds are an Australian Company established in 1962 and today are part of the worldwide Advanta Seeds Group, a division of UPL Agrochemicals and are based in Toowoomba Qld.

Pacific Seeds are renown for developing and commercialising Innovative seed Technologies and were the 1st in the world to develop Hybrid Canola and more recently novel multiple herbicide stacked hybrids for Australian growers. Pacific Seeds have been instrumental in developing sustainable agronomic packages for GM and non-GM dual tolerant Canola and Graze n Grain Winter Canola.

We are extremely proud to bring these new Canola technologies to Liebe group members. Our partners add value to the group through in-kind support, products or services and they see the relationship with the group as a meaningful way to stay in close contact with the grass roots innovators of the industry. We look forward to building an on-going relationship with our latest Silver Partner and thank them for their support towards the Liebe Group.


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