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Spring Field Day 2022

The 8th September 2022 marked the 25th annual Spring Field Day held by the Liebe Group. Hosted this season by Sam Reynolds and his family on their property north of Miling, the full day forum saw 150 people through the farm gate.

The marquee was set up in the midst of the cereal trials where a coffee van served quality cuppas and an NBN truck was on hand to help with access to mobile service. The day ran smoothly with participants able to choose various sessions to attend on the agenda according to their interests.

With 14 outdoor trial presentations and four marquee sessions, there was a variety of information being extended throughout the day by research partners and industry representatives. This included discussions on varieties for canola, wheat and barley, crop safety and herbicide trials. Results from these trials will be available to members in the upcoming 2022/23 Local R&D Results Book.

Additionally a Women’s Field Walk was concurrently held in the middle of the day, with eight women enjoying the chance to learn the basics and ask questions of various trials. We hope to continue this format moving forward to encourage more women to come along to the day.

Key note Dennis Voznesenski, Rabobank Agricultural Analyst, presented after lunch the global changes shifting the grains and oilseeds market outlook. This outlook saw Australia set to benefit however the high prices from early 2022 were unlikely moving into this harvest season.

Liebe Group Project Officer Chris O’Callaghan also took the stage to extend preliminary results from a project currently being led by the Grower Group Alliance through GRDC investment. The project focuses on minimising harvest grain losses which saw over $300million worth of grain lost across WA in 2021.

The final two marquee sessions were delivered by local farmers Bob Nixon (Kalannie) and Brad Millsteed (Miling). Bob gave insight into various break crops he is trialling on farm to increase his biodiversity, including the novel safflower. Brad stepped into his #6Bs hat to outline the importance of mental health for farmers.

The feedback provided through the member surveys on the day provided great information for Liebe Group to start planning our activities for next season. Priorities were highlighted including the key challenge of balancing input costs and profitability, the need for experienced farm labour and the requirements for on-farm HR and safety. A better understanding of grain marketing and succession planning was also a standout focus that Liebe will develop into the capacity building program over the next 12 months.

The Liebe Group greatly thanks and appreciates the support from Sam, Terry and Andrea Reynolds for hosting the site and long-term event partner Elders Scholz Rural.

We also would like to recognise the support of our Diamond partners; CBH, CSBP, Rabobank and RSM, gold and silver partners, the Rapid Relief Team Dalwallinu, Daphne’s Timeless Treats, Uncle Santos Kebabs, NBN Co, all the volunteers, the presenters and all those who attended the day to make the event a success.

See you all at the Spring Field Day in 2023!


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