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Women of Liebe - Dani McCreery

‘Women Of Liebe’ has continued to follow various Liebe members throughout the year to celebrate their background, involvement, goals and aspirations living in the local agricultural region. Welcome to Dani McCreery from Kalannie.

In October 2018, we caught up with Dani to chat about her involvement in her family farming business in Kalannie, and how it felt to host the 2018 Liebe Group Main Trial Site.

What is your background/where did you grow up? I grew up in Cunderdin in a farming family, the eldest of five girls. I’ve studied Commerce at UWA, working both in Perth and on mine sites in the Goldfields. Rowan and I moved to the farm in 2000 after getting married.

What is your role in your farm business? I’m a partner in our farming business, but I don’t make any day to day operational decisions. I manage the farm finances, and run the office.

What do you enjoy most about living in a rural area? I love being able to bring up our three boys in such a safe community and environment. We are very lucky in Kalannie to have a strong sense of community, where everyone watches out for each other. I also run a photography business where a lot of my inspiration comes from our beautiful rural landscapes and of course the sunsets!

What is your involvement with the Liebe Group? I’ve always attended the Liebe Group Women’s Field Days since moving to the district. I was also on the Women’s Committee for several years. I highly recommend this to any ladies who have an interest in farming issues – making new friends and networking while brainstorming ideas for the field day.

What have you gained through the Liebe Group? So much knowledge and meeting new people! From newsletters to field days we are so lucky to have this amazing source. Also being given the opportunity to host the Main Trial Site this year has been a massive advantage for us. We’ve seen first hand the results and performance in our own backyard.

Who or what inspires you? People who succeed despite adversity.

What are your life goals/aspirations? It’s pretty simple at the moment – to give the boys the best education we can – always a difficult issue for farming families!


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