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terrain flow demonstration site - pithara wa

Key Points

  • Terrain demonstrated a noticeable activity on suppressing annual ryegrass

  • When mixed with other industry-standard pre-emergent herbicides, Terrain numerically improved annual ryegrass control

  • Terrain did not reveal higher crop phytotoxicity than other herbicide treatments


The trial demonstrated crop safety and efficacy of Terrain Flow 480 applied prior to wheat and suggested tank mixes to broaden the weed spectrum and sustainably achieve high levels of efficacy for herbicide resistance management. 


Nufarm Terrain 500WG has existing pre-emergent use patterns for wheat, some pulse crops, established Lucerne and fencelines.  Terrain 500WG was the first group 14 (G) herbicide to be registered for residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds (including annual ryegrass and wild radish) in broadacre cropping. Group 14 (G) herbicides are inhibitors of the protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) enzyme. There are currently no known populations of weeds resistant to Group 14 (G) in Australia. Thus, it is a very promising tool for resistance management.


Nufarm Terrain Flow 480 (480 g/L flumioxazin) is a newly developed SC formulation that is easier to handle compared to the previous granule package and shows improved efficacy compared to the WG formulation. This new formulation will likely be available in the market in September 2022.

Trial Partner



Trial Layout


This trial has a randomised block design, but the first replicated is non-randomised for demonstration purposes.


Name: Lisa Furey

Phone: 0429 223 579

Email: lisa.furey@nufarm.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 601, York, WA, 6302

Name: Rex Cao

Phone: 0451 660 820

Email: rex.cao@nufarm.com