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national landcare program - smart farms small grants - soil extension activities

Commencement date

24th February 2022

Completion date

23rd February 2024


Support land manager practice change that will deliver more sustainable, productive and profitable food, fibre and forestry business while protecting Australia's biodiversity; protecting and improving the condition of natural resources; and assisting Australia to meet its international obligations. 

Funding Provider


Project lead organisation

Liebe Group

Project background

The purpose of this grant opportunity is to deliver outcomes under the National Soil Strategy that are consistent with the National Landcare Program. Extension activities will take action to improve soil health with evidence-based interventions. This will assist the farming industry, working with farmers to improve soil management, leading to increased productivity and profitability, reduced off site impacts and help industry to reach the Ag2030 goal to grow agriculture to $100 billion by 2030. 

Extension activities will support land managers and farmers to understand the benefits of soil testing and management. This will include working with farmers to participate in the National Soil Monitoring and Incentives Pilot Program, assist them to interpret results and to take action to improve soil health as a result. 

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