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Showcase of local R&D at Spring Field Day

Boasting clear skies and a cool breeze, Thursday 10th September brought perfect weather to the Liebe Group Main Trial Site in Latham for the 23rd Annual Spring Field Day.

Despite the site being the farthest north a Spring Field Day has been held, growers and industry were not deterred from making the trip out to Dylan Hirsch’s property. Over 160 attendees came through the farm gates to view the extensive trial program that was on display.

Enthusiasm for the opportunity to network with fellow growers, industry and researchers was high following the slower start to this year’s regional event opportunities.

The 2020 trial site included 17 trials and demonstrations that were examined throughout the day, along with special guest presentations in the marquee by Neil Bennett from the Bureau of Meteorology, Angus McAlpine from CSBP and Cameron Scadding from Source Certain International.

Liebe Group Research and Development Coordinator Judy Storer presented on the amelioration of subsoil aluminium (Al) toxicity for improved productivity trial. The trial, which is funded by GRDC, is looking at incorporating lime, gypsum or biochar to depth by deep ripping to 45cm whilst using incorporation plates.

Despite the potential impacts from the wind erosion events experienced post seeding, there were some interesting results to discuss at the Spring Field Day, and some noticeable visual differences to observe. Many of those that viewed the trial are now eagerly awaiting the next set of results from the trial in this year’s R&D book.

Brad Wisewould, Carbon Ag, presented on their broad acre blend compost, and C33 farming systems trials. The demonstrations were comparing their compost and fertiliser products to standard grower practice, and the system they offered were discussed. Attendants were left intrigued and looking forward to see what effects the treatments will have on yields and economic returns.

Several National Variety Trials (NVTs) were showcased during the event, including barley, main season wheat, early Round-Up Ready canola and early Triazine Tolerant canola. These drew large crowds looking at the new varieties to assist in grower decision making for the coming year.

Kalannie grower Kaden Reynolds attended the day and said “The barley and wheat NVT’s are beneficial to all farmers to see how new varieties compare to current varieties that are grown, and to influence what farmers grow in the future”.

Mr Reynolds says “The NVT’s at the Liebe trial site are valuable to me as they are similar to my farm with similar climate and rainfall. This allows me to get an accurate representation of what varieties are most suitable to my farm”.

Huge praise has been received from many attendees in regards to the support from the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) who generously provided a delicious signature burger lunch.

Established by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in 2013, RRT provides catering assistance and tangible support to charities, government and emergency services confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges including emergency/disaster relief, homelessness, youth, health and disability.

Matt Joyner from Boekemans Machinery Dalwallinu (Liebe Group Silver Partner) highlighted that “It was a networking event of the highest order and we thank Liebe for all the hard work and long hours. A special mention to the Rapid Relief Team from Dalwallinu who catered like champions, exceptional food and service, was a credit to the organisation and to the community members volunteering, thank you”.

Excitement followed throughout the day, with a last-minute visit from a Channel 9 News crew who interviewed both Dylan Hirsch and Neil Bennett for a feature in their ‘Weather and Wildflower’ segment.

The evening celebrations that followed featured an enjoyable sausage sizzle cooked by event sponsor representatives from Elders Scholz Rural and a bar run through the Coorow P&C.

The Liebe Group greatly thanks and appreciates the support from Dylan, Kirra, Darcy and the Hirsch family for hosting the site, event partner Elders Scholz Rural, Diamond partners; CBH, CSBP, Rabobank and RSM, gold and silver partners, the Rapid Relief Team, Wheatbeats, all the volunteers, the presenters and all those who attended the day to make this event a successful showcase of local agricultural research and development.


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