Liebe Harvest

Liebe Harvest

What is the Liebe Group?

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The Liebe Group is a grower driven, not-for-profit organisation in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. We are a leading ‘grass roots’ grower group  with a continually growing membership. This grass roots drive ensures the group remains relevant, timely and valuable to the local farmers and the overall grains industry. The Liebe Group provides access for members to new ideas, innovation, research and networks all over Australia.

The mission of the group is to facilitate grower prioritised research, development and extension to support our members to be profitable and sustainable.

Current Projects

Stubble Height Project
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Early Sown Canola
Soil Probe Network - Casey Shaw Installa
Soil Moisture
Probe Network
Soil Extension


Upcoming Events

  • SAVE THE DATE - Post Seeding Field Walk
    Wed, 27 July
    Reynolds Property, Miling
    27 July, 3:00 pm
    Reynolds Property, Miling, Miling E Rd, Miling WA 6575, Australia
  • SAVE THE DATE - Spring Field Day
    Thu, 08 Sept
    Reynolds Property, Miling
    08 Sept, 8:30 am
    Reynolds Property, Miling, Miling E Rd, Miling WA 6575, Australia
  • Women's Field Day
    Tue, 14 June
    Dalwallinu Recreation Centre
    14 June, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
    Dalwallinu Recreation Centre, Dalwallinu WA 6609, Australia
    Focusing on increasing the management capacity of women to build a sustainable future for their family, farm business & the agricultural industry.

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